Online Conference Cloud & Digital Transformation 2022

The 11th online conference

Cloud & Digital Transformation

Marth, 17, 2022


The last two years have shown clearly the importance of digital technologies for ensuring competitiveness, sustainability and maintaining the functioning of individual companies and entire industries. In the conditions of the pandemic companies that have switched to "digital rails" in time, have deployed digital services and automation systems, were able to continue productive work. Other companies face an uphill struggle for survival.

The approaching digital future is becoming more and more concrete and conceptually appears to us as a metaverse. It is clear that its implementation in one form or another will have a huge impact on the development of digital infrastructure and digital services. In fact, the metaverse is the digitalization of everything + the use of a cloud model for a scalable solution to the tasks of processing huge amounts of data. What will the digital transformation of your business mean in this paradigm? How can a cloud model help manage risks and make a business adaptive to an unpredictable reality? The answers to these and other questions are at the CDT-2022 conference. 

Plenary session

Russian Cloud Market 

Digital services as the basis of digital transformation 

Clouds for government organizations: where, how, when 

Digital transformation: industry experience, case studies 

Artificial intelligence from the cloud 

Blockchain and Digital Assets 

Discussion: Clouds 2022. Main trends

Will everything go to the clouds? What will remain "on the ground"
Edge-Cloud. Cloud on premises
The importance of clouds for large ecosystems
Import-substituted clouds - myth or reality 

Section «Digital Building»

Section «Clouds: infrastructure and services»

Harmonization of current digital needs and workspaces evolution 

IT infrastructure for hybrid clouds 

How the digital technologies raise the value of commercial real estate 

Open architectures and software for cloud platforms 

Digital workplace. Conference systems and effective communications 

From multiple disparate clouds to multicloud 

Cloud Ready Building 

Ensuring business continuity in a cloud environment. Fault and disaster tolerance in the cloud 

Section «Technologies for the metaverse»

Section «Clouds: infrastructure and services» (continued)

Machine learning and AI 

Cloud services for regions 

Big Data and Analytics 

How to reach the cloud: network connectivity and peering 

IoT and 5G 

How to audit information systems to make a decision about "moving" to the cloud 

Edge Computing 


Information security in the clouds, information security from the clouds 

AR and VR 

Migration to the cloud. Practical recommendations 

Discussion: «Cloud provider. Maturity level»
How to increase market share and ARPU? Experience of market leaders
Where do customers go: back to their data centers or to other clouds? How to deal with churn?
Will cloud providers replace system integrators? 

Format of the CDT-2022 – offline + online

Speakers and delegates will gather at the venue in Moscow, speeches and discussions will also be broadcast via the Internet. This format will allow observing epidemiological norms, ensuring the participation of the maximum number of delegates, as well as preserving the professional atmosphere of offline events.

Аudience of the conference:

CIOs, digital managers (CDOs), business development managers (BDMs) and representatives of financial departments of the largest Russian enterprises, leading world and domestic experts and analysts, owners and managers of data centers, representatives of the largest service providers and solution providers.


Number of participants: 300+ offline and 350+ online

The conference program includes round tables and thematic discussions with the participation of leading experts.